This is only a partial list of some of the more notable projects we have delivered.

Full life cycle development of a major interactive entertainment product.  Responsibilities include product specification, project management, and technical architecture (JAVA, Solaris, Sybase, BEA WebLogic EJB, Fiorano JMS, LINUX, Apache).  As a result of our leadership, our client was able to win a three year partnership arrangement with a top entertainment publisher valued in the millions of dollars.

Restructuring of the systems architecture for a well known banner advertising network to triple daily transactional capability.  The time constraints for this project were extremely tight.  If they had been missed, then business operations would have come to a halt.

Development of a profit and loss data warehouse for one of North America's top banks.  The system integrate traditional relation collection and aggregation operations with newer multi-dimensional and data mining tools.

Participated in the design and deployment of a leading future commodities exchange first rollout of an online system to external entities (clearing members).  The new system provided real-time tracking of trades, assignments, and positions.

Stabilized the maintenance and operations of a Web based corporate financial and news vendor.  (This included Y2K certification and fixes.)

Introduced object technology techniques and products into a large insurance company for configurable insurance product deployment.  This facilitated world wide operations while simplifying the software setup and support issues.